Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Celebration of Epiphany

While there is no proof that Morris dancers accompanied the Magi on the trek to see the baby Jesus, there is also no proof that they didn't. After all, Kings, even two centuries ago, rarely traveled alone. So it is quite possible that Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar brought with them dancers as entertainment and a slightly smaller probability (slightly greater than zero) that those dancers were Morris dancers!!

But whether there were or weren't Morris dancers at the first Epiphany is of little consequence. However, there most certainly will be Morris dancers when the Berkeley Community United Church of Christ (at 3701 West 50th Ave., Denver CO, 80221) holds its Epiphany Celebration on January 10th.

This years events include a 14th century French feast, sword dancers, a mummers play and morris dancing. Fine cuisine and fine entertainment together.

Cost is $20 per person ($10 for seniors and students). If you plan on attending please, please, please contact Rebecca at 303-422-1659 by January 8th 2009.

Here is the schedule for the evening ...
  • 6:00 : Dinner - 14th Century French cuisine
  • 7:10 : Sword Dance
  • 7:15 : Mummers Play
  • 7:35 : Short welcome by Rev. Kate Rose
  • 7:40 : The Maroon Bells Morris Dancers
Note also that this feast is Vegetarian Friendly. It is also requested that you need to bring your own table service (please, no paper or plastic). And period dress stressed.

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